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Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration
Domain types available from Auzzie.Biz: .com .net .org .biz


Web Hosting

Web Hosting
Our servers are located in Sydney, Australia and Dallas, Texas and Richmond, Viginia, USA.



Web Design

Web Design
Each website is custom designed to your specifications: e-Commerce and Business Packages Available.


A domain name is basically an alpha-numeric name or address used to identify a computer. Think of it as a phone number - except words instead of numbers. The most common reason for registering a domain name is if you want to build a website - but is also required if you want to set up mail, ftp, or any other service where you need a unique address corresponding to your brand name.
Domain types available from Auzzie.Biz: .com .net .org .biz .info


comau man is used by commercial entities such as companies with an Australian Company Number and businesses registered with State governments.
netau man is recommended for organizations and companies that are using the Internet as an integral part of their operations man is reserved for the people of Australia to create their own online identity. man is for incorporated associations, trade unions, political parties, sporting and special interest clubs, and partnerships between disparate organisations. man is for verifiable non-profit and charitable organisations.


Third Level Domains available from Auzzie.Biz:,
(domain name registration not required, please refer to more info... )


Domain Parking
Domain parking gives your domain a temporary home while you work out what you want to do with your domain name. Its similar to URL forwarding - but designed for those who don't actually have an existing website URL, and simply want a placeholder page.

Domain parking is FREE with all domains registered or renewed through Auzzie.Biz.

URL Forwarding
URL forwarding lets you point your domain to your existing website without spending lots more on hosting. For example, if you registered the domain name, you make point to another URL - say, one hosted with your ISP - or even a free hosting service such as google.

The advantage of this, is that you can get rid of your long URL address, such as:

and replace it with your own brand. URL forwarding can also offer significant savings over traditional domain hosting. With our unique URL management facility, you can specify where to point your domain as well as providing a title and META tags for search engines. Our system is totally invisible to your visitors, we do not place any advertising on your web site. The URL forwarding features are accessible from the domain 'manage' menu.

URL Forwarding is FREE with all domains registered or renewed through Auzzie.Biz.


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